"Thank you for the impressive Ibbetson Street #40, which I’m glad to have in itself, and of course for Michael Todd Steffen’s perceptive, smart review. High quality attention: a wonderful thing, to be prized, and for that I’m grateful to you and him."
( Robert Pinsky-Former Poet Laureate of U.S).

Mike Ansara ( Founder of the Mass Poetry Festival) "Many thanks to Doug Holder and Harris Gardner for including me along with such a distinguished group of great poets."
"Ibbetson Street Press is a unifying force in the Boston poetry scene, and the most viable way for poetry lovers to keep in touch with what's happening. There's nothing sectarian or cliquey about Ibbetson, and I think the variety of its poets...reflect the breadth of its community." (Peter Desmond- Cambridge, Mass. poet and winner of two Cambridge Poetry Awards)

Ibbetson Street magazine was included in the Pushcart Anthology 2014