“We never live long enough in our lives
to know what today is like.”-- John Ashbery
We are always on the verge
of losing ourselves forever.
Wind, water, fire threaten
to carry us away.
Sleep seizes us, makes us vanish,
who can say how?
Something inside us circles awhile,
rises on a gust of air, swoops down
and descends into the dark
But somehow we always come back,
find our way back, to today.
We rise, morning's outside the window,
the world's aflame, we're new again.
Did you know you knew so well
how to begin?
The mind lights the grasses and the moon.
We walk under columns of blue air.
Faces touch our faces. Then we come home,
unlock the door, stand amazed at ourselves
in the bathroom mirror.
And I know I can't prove it
and how to show it or even say it well escapes me
but we go on.



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